Saturday, April 18, 2009

Little Boxes on the Hillside...

Monica here.
Girlfriend of Ellen's son, Eric.
Long time subscriber, second (or third?) time poster.
It's been a while.

Ellen and I wanted to do a project together even though we are far apart.
So around the end of February, Ellen found some blogs and links to really cute patterns for fabric boxes.

The project was chosen and the deadline was April 1st.
We had to mail each other our projects and post the pictures here.

It was so much fun!
What was so interesting was how differently we interpreted the same project.
I wonder what our boxes say about our personalities...
Fabric Style Myers-Briggs?

I think our next project is bags.
Updates will soon be posted.

This is the box that Ellen made.
Isn't it beautiful?

My favorite fabric is the Japanese umbrella one.