Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ebony and Ivory

True Friends

View from the hammock

Here is the view from my afternoon hammock. My routine was: leave the family, get a pina colada, take knitting (dishclothes- small enough to manage), go to hammock in quiet area- take nap.

Mexico- Finally!

I have finally uploaded some of our Mexico pics- makes me want to go back now!

Rag Quilts

So the new session of quilt class has started and the theme is rag quilts out of flannel. Firstly, I was trying to figure out who to make the quilt for. I thought that since Melanie had gotten last years quilt (my first one with all the mistakes possible), I would make this one for Eric. Then came the fabric issue. Most flannels is children's flannel or plaid. Not wanting to do all plaids and knowing my children are grown, I am having trouble finding fabric that is adult like. I have already been to three stores looking and next week when I am out of town I am going looking there. I didnt want to do the quilt that was shown to us in class because it was too busy for my taste. It has 7-10 different fabrics and it is only a throw quilt not a bedsized one. Too too busy. Then Dave and I got talking and he said I think I have a quilt in the truck that might be considered a rag quilt. He took it out and here is the picture of it. His mom made it for him and what I really like is that it isn't too busy for my taste. Now I have a mission of finding three different fabrics and putting it together in time to send it to Japan. Merry Christmas son!