Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Today is a day of reflection for many people. The day that they make resolutions for the up and coming year. I would like to reflect back on this year and say the ten best things of 2010 in random order.

1. I visited Japan for 6 weeks. A friend got my ticket with frequent flyer miles and I sold a car for spending money. I felt thankful to have great people in my life.

2. My daughter and I reestablished our relationship and I am very happy about it.

3. I started working out at the Y to help my back and keep me walking.

4. While I was in Japan, I realized I loved my son's girlfriend, Monica. (I wanted to take her home with me)

5. I am finishing some of my UFO projects (it is still a slow process)

6. I became friends with woman older then myself. I have pool friends, quilt guild friends and I go to Breakfast with the Biddies on Fridays.

7. I have been decluttering my house.

8. Both of my children have applied to Graduate Schools of their choice.

9. I learned to live in another culture with the help of my son and his girlfriend. I got around by myself (sorta)

10. I have been at my job for 5 years now and still like it.

Here is a list of things I want to work on for the next year.

1. I need to increase my exercise
2. I want to lose weight
3. I want to finish unfinished projects
4. I want to make more money and feel more comfortable
5. I want to keep my confidence longer in all situations
6. I want to take a serger machine class
7. I want to take class on knitting socks
8. I want to declutter my house and have fewer pieces of furniture
9. I want to not feel alone or lonely
10. I want to stay healthy both physically and mentally

I joined a monthly challenge or I've gone completely nuts!!!

I joined this challenge and am excited about it but worried I wont have enough time either.

Monochromatic Challenge “Rules”
December 31, 2010
Most any time there’s something you want more information about regarding projects on this blog, you can go over to the left sidebar and there’s a search box. For the Monochromatic Challenge, if you type in “Monochromatic”, you’ll find everything I’ve posted in the past. To make it even easier, there’s a button over on the left sidebar that says “Monochromatic Challenge” and that post will stay updated with links to monthly colors chosen and completed projects But, to recap, here’s what I originally posted:
Monochromatic Monthly Quilts – I’ll put in the colors and each month will draw one. You can do one if that color suits your fancy or you can skip it. No accountability — just do it if you want. No set size — make a pillow or a wall hanging or a throw or bed quilt . . whatever makes you happy. I don’t know if there are 12 colors — there’s always red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. But then there’s pink, brown. That’s 9. Maybe we should skip December because of the holidays. Maybe one month could be black, white and one other color and one month could be your choice for a 2 color quilt. How does that sound? Also, for the color, you can add white, ecru or black along with the color. Say January is blue — you could add any shade of blue, along with white or ecru or black (but not black and white). Can you do that?
I never mind answering questions but sometimes it’s much quicker (and easier) if you search the blog before asking. If there’s something you don’t find answered on the blog, please ask me because you can bet you’re not the only one with that question. Most often (but not always) I think I know what I’m trying to say but it doesn’t always come out as clear as I wish. When I go back and read something, I sometimes wonder how anyone knew what I was talking about! : )

Yarn Project Bag

Some might say I am bored. I say, I am going to my knitting group on Sunday and my project needed a bag of its own. I am bound and determined to use my stash so if you scroll down the bag fabric is the same as Gary's pillow case fabric. I am becoming the frugal one.

A friday ritual inspired by Soulmama A single photo, no words A moment I want to pause, treasure and remember

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monica's Quilt from Japan

When I was in Japan this summer, Monica made a quilt top. She didn't have time to finish before I left, so I told her i would take it home, finish it for her, get it quilted and send it back to her by Christmas. I didn't hold up my end of the bargain so far. She did a great job on her first quilt.

But today, Melanie was working on helping finish Monica's quilt top. Poor Monica, wont get it before Christmas but she should get it some time in January depending on a few things...

Here is what her top looks like so far. Melanie in charge!

Melanie made her first quilt top last Christmas. She completed the top in two weeks. It took me another 6 months before we had it quilted and today, she was working on putting on the binding. She did a great job on her first quilt.

Fingerless Gloves by Susan

Susan made her first pair of fingerless gloves. They came out very nice but a little big. Her daughter and her friends say they need to have a flap but Susan is keeping them just like this. She said they are good for dog walking.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Being off work/getting things finished

Here is some of the stuff I have been working on. Melanie has completed her friends quilt. I finally put the binding on my purple/orange quilt. We made Gary some pillowcases for Christmas. I made a hair staightener snap case. I love working with my daughter because she is so creative and diligent about sewing when she sews. Here ya go!

My quilt, finally finished.

Putting on bias binding

Pillowcases for Gary.

White Christmas/ I moved south for this?

I must say that I really enjoy the beauty of the snow every time. I am also enjoying having to stay at home and relaxing. Each time it snows, it brings me solice.

The definition of a white Christmas is when it snows on Christmas or the night before and everything is covered with snow on Christmas ! So it's official now...Foothills of NC have had a White Christmas.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

School's out for two weeks, look at me go!

The semester is over and faculty has two weeks off before the next semester begins. I have been practically living in my sewing room. I have a small TV in here, my laptop with Netflix should I want a movie and itunes for music or podcasts! There is this comedian who talks about gender differences: where men have many boxes in their brains and women always want to know: "whatcha thinking?" Well while I am in my sewing room, I know what he is talking about. I am in my box! This is my relaxation place!

I have been busy in my (box) sewing room. While I was in Japan this summer, Monica was showing me her vinyl and telling me about some issues she was having with sewing it. When I came back to the States, I asked my sewing people what to do to fix Monica's issue. They told me to get a teflon foot. I have been back from Japan for about 6 months now and finally tried sewing some vinyl.

This is some of the things that I have made: Black vinyl drawstring back; Black vinyl snap pouch; Yellow vinyl shoe bag for traveling (gift for Melanie) It fits her sneakers for when she travels.

I also made a few pillowcases for my bed and one for a student who has had a rough time. I made it for her because she needs a break and is one student who is "four year college" material if she can get past her issues (such as being in foster care since she was 11) Here are the pillowcases:

Almost every Friday, I go to Breakfast with the Biddies. Last Friday was a snow day but I spent the day making bread for all my biddie friends and had to freeze it. Today, I went to an unscheduled Breakfast with the Biddies and gave them the bread. I also made Christmas bags to put the bread in. Here they are:

I am not sure what I am going to do when the semester starts ups again!

The Aftermath

So after two days of sewing on Melanie's friends quilt: This is what my sewing room looked like. It is very interesting: when I sew, my room stays the way it was before I sewed with only a minor mess. When Melanie sews, everything is everywhere. I am the kind of clean up as you go person, she isn't yet!

I do wish I had some of her creativity!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Susan's Finished with the Purple Afghan

Susan asked me to post this because she can't remember how to get on the blog, duh! So I am posting it for her, wishing it was my afghan. It is my favorite color and beautiful so how about it Susan!!!

Sorry I couldn't rotate it for some reason. I especially like the sideways kitchen table.

UFO Challenge

UFO Challenge 2011
December 13, 2010

Many online groups/guilds, as well as real life guilds have UFO Challenges each year. If you’re participating in one of those and wish to do this one too, feel free to deviate from the “rules” here and make it work for you. Really, there are no “rules” but the whole purpose is to end 2011 with less UFOs.
Here’s how this one will work.
Dig out the UFOs! Look under beds, in drawers, in the freezer . . wherever you store hide them.
Don’t overload yourself or set yourself up for failure. Be realistic!
Number the UFOs you want to finish in 2011. Number them 1 – 12. Each month I will draw a number and the UFO that corresponds to that number is the one we will finish in 2011.
If you have way more than 12 and think you can finish two per month, or even just two some months, number those 1 and 1-A and those will be the ones you work on when I pull the number “1″.
If you have a blog, make a blog entry with your UFOs. Photos of the projects are always nice!
Make your blog entry any day you like but I will have a link box up on Friday, December 17. You can add your link any time between then and January 1. If you don’t have a blog, you can still play along. Make your list, pin it to the wall and leave a comment here about your progress each month.
I will add a link on the sidebar for the UFO project.
On the first of each month, I will draw a new number and will add a link box for you to post your progress on the previous month’s project.
This sounds harder than it is. For now, all you need to do is dig out those UFOs, and make a list.
As far as definitions, use your own judgment. Whatever works for you is good for me. We’re not going to get bogged down here with “rules” and there are no UFO Challenge Police on the payroll at Patchwork Times! Here are some loose definitions!
UFO – Anything you’ve started and not finished. Can be something that needs just binding, or it could be something that you’ve only cut out and haven’t even started sewing yet.
Completed Project – For me, it will mean quilted, bound and ready to be given away or used! For others, it may mean the top is finished and ready to go to the quilter as funds are available. Totally up to you!

So with that said up there above, I decided to post my UFO's and write them on paper, put them in a jar and pick one a month. I have more then 12 UFO's with some of them needed a lot of work, some needing very little so I am just going to give it a shot.

Here is my list in random order:
1. Friendship Quilt (only cut)
2. Mel's graduation quilt (15 more squares to go)
3. Duck fleece baby quilt (completed 3/6/2011)
4. Applique quilt (half done, need help with it)
5. #1 antique quilt top (needs fixing and backing)
6. Brown fleece quilt (almost done, hand stitching) completed 1/9/11)
7. Pink rag quilt (needs sewing)
8. 4" square quilt (cut only, needs lots of sewing, back)
9. Knit baby blanket
10. Knit yoga bag (almost done)
11. Japanese fabric quilt (only partly cut)
12. Reversible quilt ( 10 more squares needed, I think)
13. #2 Antique Quilt top (needs mending and backing)
14. Chicken Quilt (just started not all cut)
15. Brown/Purple Quilt (cut needs sewing)
16. Sewing Machine cover Melanie (not even cut, just a thought)
17. Sewing Machine cover for Serger (not cut, just needed)

so here it is, when I finish each one, I will post pictures.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Melanie quilts

Melanie is dating a new guy who likes to sail. She decided to make him a quilt for Christmas based on Nautical flags. She designed this herself and those flags are his initials. Beautiful job!