Monday, June 16, 2008

My very first knitting project and Emily's first pair of socks

When Emily was having her baby, I was bound and determined to knit her something. This was the very first project I ever completed, of course, I had to have my mother's help some. As I look at it, I doubt that I did the buttons. I do remember telling my mother, she cant knit on it because I so wanted it to come from me!

Unbelievable, this is Emily's very first try at knitting socks!


Susan said...

What is the deal here, Ellen?! Is this a project you have not shared with the BABES?! This is very cute. Who was this for and when did you do this very first project? I love Emily's socks and wish I started my pair with some striping yarn to make it more interesting....she has inspired me to bring mine to Cooperstown, though, to work on inbetween games...

Ellen said...

I was a teenager when I did this. I can not believe she has saved it all this time! Emily is trying to find a picture of her son wearing it and I will post it if she does.