Thursday, January 1, 2009

What happens when not all the BABES are in the mountains!

On Dec 29,2008, Susan and I went to the mountains without the other two BABES. While we both had a really good time, it just wasnt the same. It was quickly discovered that Susan and I didn't need our morning kaluha coffee and our afternoon Vodka! We just didn't need it! So my question is: Who are the party animals?

We took two walks (thanks guys for allowing that to happen!) She turned on the 700 club and made me watch for at least 15 minutes (like the Secret wasn't good enough!) Yes, we watched TV! We knit, watched tv, ate healthy and talked! Ultimately, we missed you guys!!!!

So here are a few pictures of our day with half the BABES! And thanks Susan for a great night!


Suzanne said...

Great pictures. You two were very productive! Chuck not as much, and he was on the couch!

Ellen said...

Don't tell Mark!