Saturday, March 21, 2009

A long time coming.....

Hi everyone!

I thought it was time we kicked off our blog again. A lot has happened since anyone of us posted anything on here. January went by fairly quickly with Susan getting a real job and flaunting it in our face.

Go Susan, we are proud of all you do especially since you rub the "real job' stuff in our faces. We know you are meaning a 8-5 job when none of the rest of us have one of those kinds of jobs!

Suzanne: February brought you much grief and sadness and all I can say is: I am so sorry you have to go through the pain that you are going through and we all want you to know we are here for you. We love you and will always be your support!

Jane: you have been nursing your family back to health and letting go of Ben.

I, on the other hand, met someone and am acting like a teenager once more!

I appreciate and love all of you BABES! !

Now with all this stuff out of the way: onward we go!

A while ago Suzanne and I went to Mooresville Quilt Shop and found some cool fabric for knitting needle bags for the babes! I finally got around to making them and here is a picture.


Ellen said...

Wow!! This is such a BAD picture but I am too lazy to take another one, you guys will have to just get them in person!

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone..this is Emily, Ellens old friend from C.I..i like the knitting needle bag,make me one. I promise to take a picture of the hat i made( i left the directions with you..astrid walked me thru them. Shes Norwegian, born in a country where they put knitting needles in your hands at two. sometimes things get lost in the translation plus to her its obvious. i just finished (well almost) a new rug. i will figure out how to post a pic. i have an apple which i have never fully learned how to use. i even find the keyboard a little too small for comfort. well gotta go, aim to clean out my shop space, it is truly a true mess. e

emily Roberts said...

let me try and post some pics./ need help with that one. i found the pics but how do i import them into the blog?? Help

Susan said...

Yes, here we are, back to the blog. It seems like a decade ago that we were posting away. So much has happened. I know I am so grateful for my babes with balls. Suzanne, you know we are always with you. You are in my thoughts every single day, whether we have a chance to chat or not. I also know that I can count on the babes to support me. I feel as if everyday is now a marathon. While I am very grateful for my "real" job, and do love what I do very much, it is non-stop everything, no time to just be. I think that is what I crave the most, yet when I have that time, I find myself thinking of all the stuff I need to do, should do, ect. Hence, the mountain house is a wonderful gift to really get away from it all. Knitting is the meditative thing I really crave doing right now, too. So, while that is the one interest that brought us together, so much else about you wonderful women keeps me facinated. Your strength, wisdom and creativity are awesome! Always with love, Susan

Suzanne said...

I finally got back on the blog. It's a beautiful posting you did Ellen (words and pictures). Your comment Susan also is beautiful. I can't beleive how lucky I am to have you all in my life. These last 6 weeks would have been even harder without you. The rest of my life has suddenly changed, it's only the beginning of a long road, but I know that I will always be able to count on the Babes. It's an amazing feeling to know that.
I'll take a picture of the cardigan when I have the button on it.
I love my needle bag.
Thanks Babes.