Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rag Quilts

So the new session of quilt class has started and the theme is rag quilts out of flannel. Firstly, I was trying to figure out who to make the quilt for. I thought that since Melanie had gotten last years quilt (my first one with all the mistakes possible), I would make this one for Eric. Then came the fabric issue. Most flannels is children's flannel or plaid. Not wanting to do all plaids and knowing my children are grown, I am having trouble finding fabric that is adult like. I have already been to three stores looking and next week when I am out of town I am going looking there. I didnt want to do the quilt that was shown to us in class because it was too busy for my taste. It has 7-10 different fabrics and it is only a throw quilt not a bedsized one. Too too busy. Then Dave and I got talking and he said I think I have a quilt in the truck that might be considered a rag quilt. He took it out and here is the picture of it. His mom made it for him and what I really like is that it isn't too busy for my taste. Now I have a mission of finding three different fabrics and putting it together in time to send it to Japan. Merry Christmas son!


Suzanne said...

Cool quilt! Is it hard to make?
For the flannel, Hancock has tones of them, all kind of patterns. (the one in Huntersville anyway)

Susan said...

This means a trip down, Ellen- You have inspired me to get back to posting on the blog! Thanks!!

Ellen said...

Hancocks in Huntersville is closed due to a fire next door. Will be closed for about three months.