Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three of the four BABES

Look what we did! Three of us BABES were able to get together today. All of us have been feeling lazy lately but when we get together, even in our laziness we produce. Both Jane and Suzanne teach Montessori still, so Jane made a buttoning activity that she saw in a catalog. There are two sides to her tree.

Suzanne and I made the pumpkin house. It all came on a whim plus Jane's coaching (she is just so creative!) Here is our group project!

The stockings, witch hat, bra, shirt, pants and boots all come from one fabric that has become our BABES signiture fabric. We all have pillow cases with this fabric but different color sashes for each of our personalities.

GO BABES!!! Thanks for coming! Susan: hope you can make it next time!


Susan said...

Gosh! Your creativity amazes me! Imagine what you could do in a weekend together if this is what you came up with in one lazy afternoon!

Susan said...

Am going to push my family to climb Mt Rogers this week- prepare, Babes!!

Beth said...

You really are creative. I love the whimsy of the witch house. You do good work!!

Nina-Marie said...

So it might be a dog days of summer but your projects are lookin' fall!

ANudge said...

Those are so original and cute. Congrats!