Saturday, January 2, 2010

January: The Month to Conquer Unfinished Projects

Here is what I plan to do for the month of January and probably into February. I will quit this when my first quilting class with Betty begins. I will finish as many unfinished projects from the list below and document it as I do it. I am not holding myself to any order, so I can forgive what I dont complete.

Now to the list:

1. Fruit/vegie table mat

2. My quilt (orange/purple)

3. Melanie's quilt (her Christmas present)

4. Knitting yoga bag for me

5. Dish rags

6. Hall wallpaper and paint

7. Reversible quilt (from Betty's workshop)

8. Fruit napkins

9. Knitted mat

10. Purple panels for screen "strong enough" man built

11. Dog bed Chuck

12. Very Hungry Catepillar wall hanging

13. Quilt from Creative Activities class spring 2009

Geez, I think I will stop here. I will post before and after pictures as I work on each one. Let's see how it goes!


Susan said...

Ellen, personally, I think you should just give the rug to Jane- she loves doing stuff like that!

Ellen said...

I would love for Jane to volunteer to do my rug as she does all your stuff!!!!!

Susan said...

We could go on and on about Jane doing the rug for you because I don't think she is checking the blog! Jane, are you there?!