Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday Nights Sure Have Changed!

I remember talking with a friend recently about what we did on Friday and Saturday nights. We talked about how tired we are now after a long work week and that by Friday night, we can't move out of the house. And in our previous lives, we would go out around 10pm on Friday's and Saturday's. Boy, has life changed.

This past Saturday, I went out to dinner with a friend at 5:30pm and went to our local Walmart for coffee and a doughnut at Dunkin' Donuts (it's housed in Walmart). As we were sitting there, we talked about the People of Walmart website and we challenged each other to find something to go on that website (we didn't). My how things in my life have changed!

So I finished my coffee and went to buy storage containers for my sewing room. I am doing two Quilt challenges from The Patchwork Times and I wanted to be organized to see what fabrics I have available. I am also on a mission to reduce my stash as much as possible. So I am quilting away!

Here are a few pictures of what my sewing room looked like and how it is all sorted in clear containers that I bought at Walmart.

Nice and neat and ready for the next Monochromatic Challenge!

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