Friday, May 20, 2011

Ugly Feet and a Quilt Story

A lot has gone on this week: Melanie's graduation from Wake Forest, visiting her professors, family time, a trip to Boone, another trip to Boone, Eric going to Winston to have lunch with his sister, and now I am alone in the house again for the weekend until Eric and Monica come back here.

We finished Monica's quilt. The story behind this quilt is that when I was at their house in Japan last summer, Monica started the quilt: some fabric bought, some recycled from clothing of hers. I told her I would bring it back to the States to finish and then send it back to her for Christmas. Well, Christmas came and went and their visit came in May. Melanie helped put the borders on and I sent it out to get it quilted and finally yesterday finished the binding. So the quilt is now ready to return to their home in Saitama Japan. It has come full circle.

It came out beautiful!!! Good job girls!

All the while, I had wanted to get my toes done for Melanie's graduation and there seemed to be no time for it. Today, I went and picked Melanie up and we went for lunch and then toes.

My feet are so ugly but with a pedicure, they are ok!

The blister is from the sandles I wore to Melanie's graduation.


Chris said...

Lovely quilt. Great story on the full circle progress :)

Ellen said...

Thanks Chris and more thanks for not commenting on my ugly feet!