Sunday, November 20, 2011

Babes Get Together

Finally we had a BABES get together at Jane's. We all gather at her house, walk to downtown and have brunch, get chatty catch up and by the time we are back at her house, it's usually time to sit and knit and catch up some more! But this time, it was craft time at Jane's. We talked about it long ago, getting together and doing a different craft at each other's house. It just never came to fruition for one reason or another! The BABES just haven't been meeting enough, for one reason or another. This must stop!

I invited the BABES to Christmas lunch one weekend before Christmas for the BABES CELEBRATION! I won't be able to post what I have been working on, but I will say, I have been in the sewing room a lot lately. Not only do I have the BABES coming, I am hosting a Cookie Exchange for friends up here and also having some other Charlotte friends up before that! They are other knitting friends. I have no clue why I am doing all this but this just seems like the year to do so. I have had some lifestyle changes, gone thru empty nest, established new friends, keeping old friends and had a few other issues which makes me want to celebrate with everyone in my life!

So here are pictures of what I did today! Thank you Jane, Susan and Suzanne for still being my BABES WITH BALLS.....

oops, forgot a pic!


Susan said...

I look WAY too serious in these pics! I really had a wonderful time, and LOVE my terrarium! Thanks Jane!

Suzanne said...

Nice afternoon, nice craft, nice pictures. Wish you had left one out Ellen!
Thanks Jane!

Jeff Hardy said...
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Jeff Hardy said...

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