Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Little Late / Remember this / Blue Monochromatic

Finally!!! Over three months late but I have (almost have) the blue monochromatic quilt top done. I looked back and it was July's quilt. That must have been where I stopped trying to do the challenge. While this one is rather small, I like the border. I have no clue where I got most of the blue fabrics but that is why I joined the challenge in the first place: to use up my stash. I can't believe how much stash I still have.

Anyone want to do a scrap exchange???

The border fabric might have been something an old friend gave me years ago when we first got back in touch. She shared some of her stash with me. While it is louder then what I usually use (remember: I am the fruit and vegetable girl) I LOVE the border!

Should I give it as a donation baby quilt or give it as a gift for Christmas?

Tomorrow, I get my new iphone so I can retire this camera that has been struggling lately! YAY, to my iphone! Even a bad picture still shows my mistake. Oh well....

Here is my July Monochromatic!

I have a few other things to do today, so I will sew the borders on later in the day!

I just looked back at some old pictures of this quilt and realized that there is another row floating around here somewhere. Geez!! Where might it have run off to?


Chris said...

Nice quilt. You've given me an idea for a pile of 1/2 triangles I have lying about. A small zigzag quilt is just the ticket!

Linda said...

haha Well you're at least on month farther along than I am. I think my last one was the Indigo but I keep thinking I'll still try to get them all done yet. At least to the flimsy stage. Well...I'll see. I like your plan with the half/squares and I may just have to borrow your idea. I like yours a lot!

AnnieO said...

Love the zig zags! Hope you find the extra row :)

Coloradolady said...

please check your email for your swap partners information, and then let me know you received it. Thanks.