Saturday, December 17, 2011

The BABES lunch!

It has been a while since the BABES have gotten together and had so much fun. Yesterday, I had my hair cut, my eyebrows waxed and my mustache waxed and I was looking good! lol I have eaten so much in the past week or two from all the holiday celebrations and the lunches I have been hosting. I feel like a pig! We had so much fun and laughter today, exchange some wonderful gifts and just had a ball! Thank you other BABES!

Today we officially, initiated Debbie (Jane's sister) into the BABES. She comes to most of our BABE meetings and is just one big part of us! Welcome to the BABES, Debbie, now get on the blog.

Here are many many pictures of our day together, from the set up to the eating to the gifts and more!


Suzanne said...

Lots of pictures, lots of fun!
Love all my presents and the food was so needed for the soup, the cookies, rum balls, and humus. You're such a nice hostess Ellen!

Susan said...

Thank you babes for a wonderful day! It seems like there are a LOT of pictures here of Debbie with her TWO chicken items! I think Debbie is gloating, perhaps? Hmmmm....

Thanks for having us, Ellen. Love my babe gifts, and you have to say, we do food very, very well!