Saturday, December 3, 2011


Not sure why but I decided this year that I was going to have all my friends up at my house for lunch around Christmas time. Today, I had my friend Marie and Susan (Pat couldn't make it). Marie and I have been friends for 22 years. Susan and Pat went to nursing school together back in the 70's.

For lunch today, I made chicken salad with spinach pesto, pumpkin soup and split pea soup. Susan made couscous and Maria brought 7 grain bread. It was delicious!

I made mug rugs for them, got a coffee mug and hot chocolate.

I got a new mini cuisinart chopper and finally used it today. I made the spinach pesto in it.
I love it!

Lunch #1 was a sucess.

Marie needed some donations for work for a Christmas exchange so I went through my closet and donated a bunch of clothes and my closet is definitely looking cleaner. I gave away a lot of clothes and other things. Then we went off into the sewing room and she took some fabric home with her too. I feel really good about cleaning up and getting rid of a bunch of stuff.

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