Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hippity Hop

       I am going for hip replacement in two weeks.  I have had trouble walking, lots of pain, depression and overall it just plain ol' sucks.  I know about depression so I am trying and struggling to stay on top of it. I know to keep busy and when I finally got rid of some "male" excess baggage, it was amazing how some of my creativity came back despite the pain and depression.

I have a friend, D, who has been taking care and checking up on me since I came back from Alaska in mid August.  Since I have no family local, she will be taking me to the hospital and keeping an eye on me and my house.  Thank you, have been my life jacket, nurse maid and babysitter.  You don't know how much I appreciate all you have done for me.  It is difficulty for me to take gifts, show weakness and to be sad, in pain and depressed in front of people.

I have S, who will be taking care of my dog for almost two weeks.  S and I have been friends for a very very long time.  While she is a nurse, I do NOT want her to be my nurse during this.  She has supported me mentally for the past 12 years or more.  She and her dog, will be good doggie mom's while I heal.  Her bedside manner just isn't what I need and she lives 1 1/2 hours from me.  Sorry S!

I decided the way to return their generosity and to keep myself from driving myself crazy:  I am making them both a quilt.  I have enjoyed making both of them although they won't be finished in the two weeks I have left.  The top to S's quilt might be finished today or this week but D's won't.  The lady in the local quilt store recommended the pattern for D's quilt because it takes a lot of sitting down work that I can do while recuperating!

Here's S's quilt:

                                                                        From this:

                                                                        To this:

For D's quilt, you work each 15 x 15 inch square separately.  At first, it was hard to sew each piece but as I was told:  the more you do, the easier it is to do.  I agree, now!   I am working on each square separately but plan on leaving a few to cut while I am home recuperating.  D will not get her quilt before Thanksgiving....or maybe her birthday which is is mid November.  I won't have to send hers out to get it quilted which is a bonus.  So far, I love each of the three squares that I have done on her quilt.  It's been fun....

Two totally different quilts and I am having fun doing both!!!

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