Friday, February 8, 2008

Gifts from Japan / Thanks Monica!!!

Look what came in the mail yesterday. I love the yarn and the fabric. I got the package right before going to Quilting Class and of course, I had to show it off. Everyone loved it and wants to know if my connection could get more??? lol The picture doesn't do the fabric justice!!! You should see it up close and beautiful! I will put some in my quilt! Thanks so much, Monica and Eric, mostly I love it all!


Susan said...

Wow, Ellen- this is beautiful stuff. The yarn says "President" on it, though- does this mean that our President gets it? I don't even remember who is the president of the Babes and Chicks right now. Is it still Debbie? Or Jane? I just know I am the boss, so that should count for something. Keep the trade winds blowing between Japan and Wilkes!

Suzanne said...

Double Wow!! It's beautiful. Bring it Sunday.