Friday, February 22, 2008

Lost in Ashe County / I Sing the Colors of the Rainbow / Buying Yarn without a Project in Mind

Gee, I hope you guys get the reference that the I sing the color of the rainbow, is an Ella Jenkins song, not a gay pride song! Although, while I was in Ashe County, i did run into a lesbian couple. West Jefferson is definitely a happening town! or at least the store was a happening place. I think I will have to quit my job because it is interfering with my creative side!

Ok so here is what I bought as a cheater in Ashe:

The first two colors were in Melanie's bedroom at our Charlotte house, then of course a purple, and the last one just went well with all of them. I am ssooooo not a pink person. So now is the question: What will i do with all this yarn? I was thinking of using most of it for another yoga bag (we all know my first yoga bag is still unfinished), but I was thinking of making one for Melanie with those colors she likes or liked once upon a time. so I am up for ideas!


Susan said...

What is the weight of this yarn? I don't think you have enough for a yoga mat bag, actually. What do you think of doing some sort of shawl or one of those big scarf type things that is between a shawl and a scarf? You would look so glam marching around Ashe with your handmade shawl thingy draped elegantly over your shoulders! You would have to watch out for those lesbians and toothless men, though!

Suzanne said...

I see a beautiful afgan.