Friday, February 22, 2008

Quilting/Applique is definitely not as relaxing as knitting!!! / Torn between two loves!!!

I am starting to feel like Susan with posting updates on her afgan (did I spell this right?) But anyway, this is my quilt so far, not much done and definitely not relaxing yet!

I dont know if you can see my boo boo on the oak leaf piece. Two almost down, two more panels to go! I wish I excelled in sewing machine 101!


Susan said...

While I know you keep saying you do not find this quilting business at all relaxing, I have to say this is really beautiful, Ellen! I cannot see your boo-boo. I love the combo of colors and can't wait to see the other two panels. Then, I guess you put a backing on it and stuff in the middle, then do whatever you do to put it together? This is really going to be gorgeous! I would not let Chuck rest on this quilt, though!

Suzanne said...

wow, that is beautiful! Me too, i love the colors. I can imaging it takes a lot of patience to do that.