Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 4: Return to Freeport / Reid's State Park and an oopsie!

We decided that Acadia and Bar Harbor were not for us. Bar Harbor was way too touristy for me and we just planned so poorly for Acadia, so we went back to the Freeport/Bath area. Since we decided we might want to retire up in Bath, both of us liked this idea.

The ride down was just highway which was good in a way because we were both wanting to spend alot of time down in this area.

First stop: Reid State Park
Growing up on Long Island, I love the beach! As an adult, I have traveled a bit and seen beaches all over the world. What I learned from this: I love the beach, it is my serenity, all beaches are different, and all beaches have similarities. Bottom line: I love to sit there and hear the ocean roll back and forth and empty my mind. I complain alot about my mind never stopping....I now stand corrected: the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves helps me empty my brain. Sometimes, I forget this.

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