Monday, July 4, 2011

Maine Day 3 / Poor Planning / Visitor Bus Complaints/Acadia National Park: where the mountains and ocean meet

Day 3: Driving from Freeport to Bar Harbor was kinda weird for us. We stopped in Bath (where we want to retire, maybe) There was an antique car show there. Antique car shows seem to be following me every town I go to has one. Maybe I have been hanging around small town America for too long. I like to look at the cars but they are pretty much the same from state to state.

From Bath, we took a few back roads thru the Maine countryside where all we saw was small pine trees and a few houses. It was beautiful even on a dull damp day. We stopped at a flea market and found the home we will retire to.

Acadia National Park

A beautiful park but we were so unprepared for this. We stopped at the Visitor Center and saw that there were buses taking you around the park. Neither of us researched the park much so we had no idea where to get on or off and what to do in the park. As we quickly found out because we got off at the bottom of a 2.3 mile hike and a 30 minute wait for the next bus. The trip around the park is over an hour by bus and while the park is beautiful we were more afraid to get off the bus then to stay on it. Denise had fancy sneakers on and me in my Birkenstocks. The unfortunate thing is that the bus didn't talk about Acadia so we didn't know the highlights of the park. As we kept on, we realized how well organized and informed everyone else was about what they were going to do at Acadia. Dumb ass is how I felt!

We finally got off at Sand Beach: where the mountains meet the ocesn. See for yourself. Beautiful!!!

And back to Bar Harbor making it all worth it. One thing about Bar Harbor that I found out and didn't like so much was that it is only alive during tourist season. It is not a year round town.

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