Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last Winter / Praises to the Seam Ripper

Last winter I decided to start using up my scraps and I would just sew them together and later cut them up into squares.  At the time, I really really liked how it was turning out.  I took it out again yesterday and tried putting borders on it and all of a sudden I decided I did NOT like it this way.  So today is seam ripper day and I will take it all apart.  I think I might put a border around each square and try again.  I am not sure what color to use because I tried black and it was just too dark.  Any ideas??

Sorry picture is so bad...something about the sun coming in !!  LOL


Poopsey said...

Hi Ellen, Just found your blog! Nice idea on sewing the scraps together. This article caught my attention because my grandmother had a very old quilt that looked so very similar to your piece. There was a border around each block, as you are suggesting and then a very wide border as the finished edge. This border appeared to be unbleached muslin (that's what we call it in KY). It had the feel of linen and it was "off white" in color, making it appear to join all the colors together smoothly.
I'm sure whatever you decide to do will be beautiful!

Ellen said...

Thanks Poopsey! I ended up taking it all apart! Not sure what I am going to do with it but thinking some potholders might make nice Christmas gifts. If I can only get motivated!