Sunday, November 18, 2012

Work in Progress

One of my side projects (pre hip surgery) was to take my old garden rake and make it into a necklace/electronic cord hanger.  When I found this project on Pinterest, it was for a necklace hanger but I keep all my electronic devices cords in my bathroom hanging from a sconce and decided this project would work for my cords.

I took the rake, sanded it well (I had no clue it was a yellow rake), painted it and now its waiting to go up on the wall.  Meanwhile, in my bathroom, I have taken most of the wallpaper down and stain glassed two areas under my mirror.

It all started one day while sitting on the toilet and the wallpaper next to me was peeling.  I have lived in this house for over 6 years and never liked or changed the ugly wallpaper in my bathroom.  So I started peeling the paper and then a day later as i was looking in the mirror, I realized that what I peeled off looked like my last boyfriend.  Tall, big bell, long torso, short legs and small ass.   In person, he was better looking and tall.  Remember he is my ex boyfriend.

This lead to more peeling and other doings in my bathroom.

I still don't have it on the wall because I need to finish taking the paper down and paint the room.  I think I might paint it a sage green.

Then I decided to stain glass part of my wall by the mirror.  This still isn't finished as I need to grout it and then it's done!  Just a small set back...

I completed the stain glass at both sides of the mirror.  I, obviously just don't have a picture of it.


grandmarockton said...

Beauty takes TIME

Ellen said...

I still like the "old boyfriend" in my bathroom!