Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Susan's Finished with the Purple Afghan

Susan asked me to post this because she can't remember how to get on the blog, duh! So I am posting it for her, wishing it was my afghan. It is my favorite color and beautiful so how about it Susan!!!

Sorry I couldn't rotate it for some reason. I especially like the sideways kitchen table.


Susan said...

For the record, I just don't know how to get my pics from my camera to the computer. Obviously, I do know how to get to the blog! I lost my cord to upload the pics and have a new thing, but just have not yet had the time or notion to figure it out. I also accidently deleted many of my pics. Thanks Ellen for posting for me!

Ellen said...

Susan....It's ok...we all know you are technologically challenged. It should bring some shame because you ARE the youngest of all of us. lol