Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas/ I moved south for this?

I must say that I really enjoy the beauty of the snow every time. I am also enjoying having to stay at home and relaxing. Each time it snows, it brings me solice.

The definition of a white Christmas is when it snows on Christmas or the night before and everything is covered with snow on Christmas ! So it's official now...Foothills of NC have had a White Christmas.


Susan said...

Pretty Pics, Ellen! As long as we have enough food and yarn, I don't mind the snow!

I like how you spiffed up the blog, too!

Michael said...

Looks like you have been busy! Pictures are nice too. Wind chill of 28 in Sunny Florida this morning.

Mame said...

Not only the foot hills, I understand Raleigh got 7 to 10". Dennis' flight back Monday was canceled. He was going Wed. night and that was canceled. We drove through the night Wed. in a rental, slept and drove back to Buffalo Thrus night into Fri morning to get his car inspected before the 1st of the year. More snow all along the way than there is here in Buffalo. That's good with me, you guys and keep it.