Wednesday, December 22, 2010

School's out for two weeks, look at me go!

The semester is over and faculty has two weeks off before the next semester begins. I have been practically living in my sewing room. I have a small TV in here, my laptop with Netflix should I want a movie and itunes for music or podcasts! There is this comedian who talks about gender differences: where men have many boxes in their brains and women always want to know: "whatcha thinking?" Well while I am in my sewing room, I know what he is talking about. I am in my box! This is my relaxation place!

I have been busy in my (box) sewing room. While I was in Japan this summer, Monica was showing me her vinyl and telling me about some issues she was having with sewing it. When I came back to the States, I asked my sewing people what to do to fix Monica's issue. They told me to get a teflon foot. I have been back from Japan for about 6 months now and finally tried sewing some vinyl.

This is some of the things that I have made: Black vinyl drawstring back; Black vinyl snap pouch; Yellow vinyl shoe bag for traveling (gift for Melanie) It fits her sneakers for when she travels.

I also made a few pillowcases for my bed and one for a student who has had a rough time. I made it for her because she needs a break and is one student who is "four year college" material if she can get past her issues (such as being in foster care since she was 11) Here are the pillowcases:

Almost every Friday, I go to Breakfast with the Biddies. Last Friday was a snow day but I spent the day making bread for all my biddie friends and had to freeze it. Today, I went to an unscheduled Breakfast with the Biddies and gave them the bread. I also made Christmas bags to put the bread in. Here they are:

I am not sure what I am going to do when the semester starts ups again!

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Susan said...

Very cool bags, Ellen- you have been very busy.