Friday, December 14, 2007

And so, the mystery has been solved

This came in an email from Debbie, the missing link of the Babes with Balls, and Jane's sister and she helped solve the mystery of the glasses.

Good Morning New Best Friends.....
First, I love baseball more then knitting so am very excited there is another fan in Sticks!! Keep us posted on Zach!
Jane and I went to visit Carolyn's mother last evening. It was a visit that was more fun then usual. We got there and Carolyn's Mom promptly announced that she was blind.
We politely asked what the problem was and................................she lost her glasses. Jane and I looked under the couch, under the bed, in drawers, in baskets, under cushions, in the bathroom, everywhere Mom had spent looking for the past 4 days. Could not find them. A few minutes later Jane quietly asked Mom what her glasses looked like. Mom didn't know how to describe them and when Jane described guessed it!!! My sister stole Carolyn's mother's glasses when she went to visit her on Sunday!!!!! So, the mystery of the glasses has been solved but the problem of how to keep Jane from walking off with other people's ability to see remains a problem! I sure am glad she didn't mail them to anyone!
We also managed to have another small adventure last evening. We had dropped Kevin off and were trying to slowly come out of this little side street. The view was blocked by big brick pillar so Jane had to edge out. THis young blond woman in a car, driving way too fast for a parking lot, thought we were going to hit her and yelled something about "Grandma's" to us. I immediately, without thinking and with windows opened, yelled "Eff off" ( I used the real word ) and laughed pretty hard at the expression on the young ladie's face. Jane hadn't heard her but,once I told her what was said,she said if she had heard , the profanity would have been in stereo. Then Jane wanted to chase her down and perhaps dent her car because her car was bigger and she had more insurance! It was too funny! THat is one of my favorite all time movie lines!
Well, have to get ready for work. Everyone can now relax somewhat knowing that the glasses they are wearing are theirs. However, after our next get-together we will need to strip search Jane and go through all her bags to make sure she isn't trying to steal anyone's glasses.Hope you all have a wonderful Friday.

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Susan said...

Okay- I have another confession. I forgot my password for the balls blog. I did figure out a way to get around this, though, so I get points for creativity. Jane, I hope that you can encourage Carolyn's mother into wearing her glasses, although they did look nice on you, too, and I know you liked that darkening feature. Jane, have you apologized to Ellen yet? We all really had her convinced she was ready for the looney bin! I also am in a bit of a funk in my knitting... not motivated... not inspired.... probably in need of the mountains.