Monday, December 17, 2007

Next Christmas

So, I spent a great deal of my time today on line with a mega store which sells electronics, then on the phone, then the "helpful customer service representative" whose call may be monitored for quality assurance, she hung up on me before I had the chance to call her what she really is, then more phone calls....I have decided that I will begin knitting my gifts in January for Christmas '08. I strongly feel it is better for my overall health and sense of well being. I am also thinking that we should go as a family to a nice warm island for Christmas, rather than be concerned over reading directions, inserting batteries, keeping the dog from eating ornaments, etc...

Debbie- MLB has "Stitch and Pitch" at ballparks throughout the season. You can spend enormous amounts of money for tickets to a game, and then sit in the stands and knit! I was thinking we could all go to Zach's games (only $5 per day), and sit and knit! Can you imagine the damage that would be inflicted upon his young adolescent sense of self!!! Who are these ladies knitting at my ball game!!! How embarrassing! I may use this plan as a threat for molding desired behaviors... Best wishes to a peaceful evening... Susan

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Ellen said...

Isnt blogging cathartic? You can bitch at the guys from Circuit City and feel better! I kinda like the idea of Stitch and Pitch, its a bonding experience for mom's while they are stuck watching their damn kids play yet another ball game!!! Just kidding you guys, but I have to say I am guilty, I cant wait to get home to knit every night. I have such an addictive personality, good thing my addiction is the Balls people!