Sunday, December 9, 2007

Figuring this out

I am working on the intricacies of this blogging and now think I know how to create a new post. I enjoyed today so much. Although I spent our time tearing out my project that I stayed up past 1 am last night working on, it is really the being with awesome babes with balls of yarn that I most enjoy. And the food and wine. Get well quick, Debbie. Next meeting will be our weekend retreat, with a possible road trip to a yarn store. Susan


Ellen said...

I am hoping to get to Boone to scout it out, if it is the store in Boone you are talking about Susan! I might get there as soon as Saturday. I cant figure out the hat and friggen double pointed needle with only 3 stitches on each, so I decided to use the brown for a felted bag for Alvina! She likes her browns and this one is gorgeous!

emily said...

I am trying to figure how to start a new post, so i can introduce you southern belles with balls to what i do with wool. I will keep looking and see if i can figure it out, but if you can help, i'd appreciate it.