Saturday, December 8, 2007

Look at me now!

I started knitting when I was very young. My mother could look at anything and make it. This is how I describe my daughter too! She can look at things in the store and come home and make and improve it for her needs. I do NOT have that talent! It does make me proud of her, though! So I had a major gap in knitting (like 35 years), although I taught Melanie how to knit when she was young, I never really made anything UNTIL these Babes with Balls got it into my blood and now I am addicted. It is probably the timing in my life. My son is living in Japan, my daughter just went away to college. So now is my time! Oh I made a few hats here and there a few years back and usually that is what everyone gets for Christmas! haha from the Jew!

Here is a pic of my very first dishrag. Dont look too close because I made a mistake and didnt correct it! I figured that when I am wiping my countertops with it, it really wont matter. The other reason is if I tore it out, I dont know how to pick up the stitches again (this was my main reason!) So I am asking you guru knitters, how the hell do I do that! So next time, if I am making dishrags for gifts, they wont have flaws!


emily said...

Nice rag..
is that 100% wool? or cotton. Are you felting it?

Ellen said...

It is !00% cotton, I am not felting it but we all are felting about everything we can! If you come down sometime maybe we can have a babes with balls meeting so you can show your stuff too! Why dont you post some pictures of your work or at least send me the pix and i will post them! Although, i know you are a blogger too! Em, just put it as a new post and then you can add your pictures right there!

emily said...

have not met any of you all yet (except ellen) but i will try and get down this winter. heres an example of what i do with wool. do i put a picture in?