Monday, December 10, 2007

figured it out

went back to original posting and it just stared back at me..New Post. Maybe it helped when i signed in..

Hello my name is Emily Roberts,use to be Shaughnessy,before that Garcia. I really think i made a mistake taking husbands name when i married, but i am so lazy when it comes to legal things. I am a demon when it comes doing what i love best which right now is Hooking. If i get down there and you have a meeting i can show anyone interested in about 5 min.

the dragon rug is 4'x3' this one is about 4x4
this was the first one i did.
I like all kinds of rag work..especially if i can use it somehow. wear it, walk on it...i guess i just like looking at it too.

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Ellen said...

These rugs are beautiful but I think I just got knitting down and have become an addict. I live and breath it. You should talk about Nancy the knitting natze! (I hope I spelled it correctly)