Saturday, December 22, 2007

Who's glasses are they?

The other day, I get a phone call from Susan, who wanted to know the name of a game we played with her kids. She inadvertantly told me that she was meeting part of the Babes with Balls for Tea! Yes tea, in Cornelius. She never bothered to invite me or to tell me why I wasnt invited! Hmmmm, is it because I DO remember things? haha! Dont worry Babes who dont include everyone: I will remember this! Good thing I didnt get angry or upset about not getting an invitation(even though I couldnt make it)

So this must be a picture taken that day. The picture is Jane with someone's glasses. I know they arent mine, they probably arent Carolyn's mother either. So I am supposing they might be someone who she was standing on line next to and who put them down for a split second and Jane grabbed them. Or could they possibly be Jane's real glasses.


Susan said...

Just for the record, these are not Jane's original glasses. I know for a fact, that the day we went to have tea (without Ellen), she had to stop at CVS to purchase another pair of glasses because she could not find her glasses!!! I think Carolyn's mother took Jane's glasses for revenge.

Ellen said...

Seems like Jane has a fetish about glasses and how many she can collect and wear and get away with it!