Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Great Glasses Mystery or Which one of us really has the beginnings of Alzheimer's

On Sunday, we had our monthly Babes with Balls meet and greet at my house all the way up in the boonies (aka podunk). We had a great meeting and it is always good for me to see those guys because I moved away from them and they have the ability of seeing each other every day (they would get sick of me!!! ) Anyway, later that night I get a really important email from Jane saying that she took my glasses back to her house and that she feels really bad and will bring them up to me the next day.

Well, I thought to myself hmmmmm...what the heck have I been wearing all day, well, well, it turns out I have been wearing my glasses all day.

Jane got Susan involved and the Sherlock in Susan is determined to find out who's glasses they are. I truely think that Susan is getting sadistic pleasure (remember, Susan is the youngest) out of Jane and I losing our memories. Any way, the great glass mystery is still on Jane swearing they are mine, me swearing I am already wearing my own glasses. So I took a picture of mine and posted it here in hopes of solving the Great glasses mystery, or at least to give Susan a look into the future!!! So my challenge is for Jane to take a picture of the glasses she swears is mine and post them to the blog, so that we all can have a look at them and figure out who the hell's they are!


emily said...

You wear glasses????

Ellen said...

Only since I am 13! Who has Alzheimer's? (but I actually didnt wear them full time until about 10 years ago when I was Susan's age!)