Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Babes with Balls and Chicks with Sticks

This is the blog of 4 women in their 50's and one babe in her late 40's. She is a wannabe 50. We call her Susan. The babes in their 50's are Suzanne, who is originally from France, Jane, who is originally from Massachusetts, Ellen, originally a Long Island girl, Debbie, Jane's older sister, and young Susan, originally from upstate NY. We all met at a Montessori school in the mid south about 12 years ago give and take a few. Most of us just met Debbie about a month ago except for Jane. Jane and Debbie share care of Carolyn's mom (Carolyn, by the way, is their baby sister). We got together for a few "girls" weekends and finally decided to join together as a knit group. We all have a bit of creativity on varying levels with Jane on the top of the list. So this blog is going to be a journey for all of us, exploring knitting, friendship, aging (sorry Susan, you too!!!), men, and whatever else life throws us. Yet we all hold it together, by knitting. Chicks with Sticks alias is Babes with Balls---of yarn.


Susan said...

Thank you Ellen for setting up our blog. I feel so sophisticated blogging! Like I am now really part of the new millenium. I picked up materials and needles to do some needle felting, because you know all this knitting just isn't taking up enough of my time! I think you will all enjoy needle felting too. It is easy, which seems to be the prerequisite for any of our endeavors. Suzanne, I welcome the struggle the French endure between cheese and whine, oops, I mean wine! See you Sunday, ladies and bring all your show and tells! I will bring the needle felting stuff, too. Love, Susan

emily said...

I wish i lived closer. I have some needles for felting,and some sticks for knitting. Since i live way upstate NY i would love to pop in "knit" with you all. I am an old friend of Ellen's from childhood. gotta go and shovel some snow. more later.

emily said...

hey ellen, ran my mouse over your picture and it wasn't a hot link...what is with that???
still have not gotten out my sticks, still have not checked my yarn bucket to see what i have, still have not gone to the yarn store to spend money.
To everyone else on this blog: Knitting has been on the back burner to do list. Ellen's sister, Nancy, taught me how to knit when i was about 9 ( i think it was 9, it was so long ago} well more later i have to log off(i have very slow service so it takes minutes to close up, have to put the bird away(i have a bird) to go and make a run to pick up a couple of hundred lbs of goat food and chicken food. Ellen came up with the word chicken-pigs because they eat so much. All of this is nothing to do with knitting, but remember i am just warming up. Its about 15 degrees out, but it feels a bit balmy with a couple of layers of clothing,,,over and out
Quick ? Is there a way to have a link so i can get to this site easier.

deb said...

Oh's a lesson I am going to pass on that ya'll (see, I have been here a long time!!!) probably already know! Stayed home from work yesterday with a terrible cold and since I couldn't sleep I decided to finish my project. Got all the knitting done and decided to put it together and get it ready to felt. Well...since I couldn't breath very well and my brain was oxygen deprived, I sewed the wrong end of the purse together. Then I proceeded to sew one of the pockets on....crooked.
I am going to keep going and perhaps sew the other pocket on crooked so it will look like it supposed to be that way. The top of the purse, which should be the bottom, is curling over and I am curious about how that will felt!!
So, I will never again do anything but watch movies and whine when I am sick.
Not sure I will make meeting tomorrow. Do not want to share this germ with anyone. If you would like to replace me as Madame Prez due to my incompetence with the sticks, my feelings will not be hurt!!!!

deb said...

I finally finished something!!!!!!