Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Afghan from Purgatory

Here is an update on the afghan. It is from purgatory because it is not quite yet in hell and if I keep a positive attitude about it, it may end up in a better place. Just about two feet done now, so let's see, that is 2/5ths, right?


Ellen said...

It's really looking good, Susan. Hell is a long way off!!!

Suzanne said...

It's suppose to take forever, it's an Afgan! And it looks great. You could pass it on to each one of us for a few days and it will be done real fast! but it won't look as good.

Susan said...

I am putting it away for the night measuring about 30 inches- half way there! If I passed it along to each of you, then I could not take all the credit for finishing it, though I want to learn the Jane and Suzanne way of knitting before I do another!