Tuesday, January 1, 2008

And in other news.....

This is Suzanne's bag--beautiful colors!


Ellen's bag, great size for me but I butchered the felting job: notice the strings coming out of it! oops!

Another bag that I made and I love it except for the size, I prefer a small bag. This one I am going to give Monica, Eric's girlfriend but first Jane is going to put a lining it to make it a bit more sturdy. Thanks, Jane!

Jane's perfect bag!!! What's more to say! It is gorgeous!

And the other news is we all spent a wonderful evening at Suzanne's eating Swiss/French food that we cant pronounce but was absolutely fantastic as was the wine and company! Thanks Suzanne!

And the final picture is Susan doing a striptease after talk of midget curiousity! Go Susan!

and on a final note: It appears we all left with ONLY the items we brought to Suzanne's. Seems like the clepto had it under control that evening!

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Susan said...

We need to get a picture posted of the scarf Suzanne knit for David, especially since she groaned and complained through the entire process, it sounds. Happy New Year Chicks! Susan