Monday, January 14, 2008

The Weekend Retreat or Jane gets boobs!!!

We went to the Mountain House (I should really say, Susan's mountain house) but when we are there we are all in sync and one! Thanks Susan for having this house and inviting us! I am not sure how to start this post because so much happened and because of my age, I can not remember the sequence of events. So first, I will show you pictures of Susan's mountain home. The weather was good but we all were wishing for snow!!! Never happened!!! Others of us, we wishing Susan wouldn't want to walk around in the mountains. Well, we wished and wished and wished but knew if she asked, we would go anyway! ( I think it was more, we might talk about the one or ones who stayed back LOL)

The weekend went like this: we knit, we snacked, we knit and snacked, we had lunch, we knit, we snacked, we went for a walk, we knit, we snacked yet again!

One interesting thing, while we were talking about another women we all know, who had breast augmentation. We decided that Jane would be a good candidate for breast augmentation so here is Jane!!! What nice breasts she has!!!


Susan said...

All I can say is that I am glad I am not the one who held up those two huge balls of yarn!!! You go Jane! Dream on!

Suzanne said...

Ellen, tell me again, who can see that?!
Anyway...nice boob job!