Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What I did on my Christmas Vacation

Eric came home from Japan for two weeks. So we had a party on his second night home so all his friends can have a sighting at least. This is a picture of Eric with Lisa, one of Melanie's friends. Eric was terribly jet lagged the whole time he was home and he was with his friends for a good portion of the time also.

We, and I mean, my whole family, went to visit their grandfather (their dad's dad and my ex father in law) in Florida for 3 days. He lives in a retirement village with assisted living across the street. My ex father in law is 93. I was creeped out at first because I felt like I might be out of place in an old people's place. Well second morning, I met my ex for coffee downstairs and started talking to some of the people there. It was a very enlightening experience for me as I am having difficulty with the aging process myself. My mother died when she was the age I am now so I have been going through all sorts of emotions at the same time that my daughter went away to college and my son moved to Japan to teach English. I started talking to this man of 72, and because I couldnt hear him, I asked if he minded if I moved to his table. He was such a delightful man telling me of how when he was married, his wife didnt like to travel but since she died, he has traveled extensively. I know from my own experience that I can travel alone in a group. Well, my new best friend, Fritz: an ex mailman himself, has traveled to all 7 continents and all 50 states with this group from AAA. I have discovered that I want to be more like Fritz. He has decided to travel and discovered a way to do that. He is young and happy!

One thing that struck me funny or gave me an uncomfortable feeling was the enormous amount of hover rounds. I was amazed at all the different styles they have. You can get your color and style to match your personality. I was also taken back with the walker parking lot that accumulates outside of the dining room that everyone frequents at 4:30pm for dinner. I got a good glimpse of the blue plate special parking lot. So enjoy the pictures!

And please, my babes with balls friends, help me age this gracefully! I love that we finally get together on a regular basis, it has helped with my sanity and the aging process.


Susan said...

I am thinking we can knit and felt little bags to hang off of these "round abouts!" We could sell them down in Florida, do different colors, styles... Jane could do the linings, put in special little pockets for glasses, extra hearing aid batteries...this could be our extra income when we move down there.

Suzanne said...

I can't decide if the picture of the walkers is funny or depressing...I guess both.
Great idea Susan! We might even get to stay there for free.
Eric lools like he has "aged" a little.
Ellen we are very far from old, so let's enjoy our youth for much longer.