Monday, January 21, 2008

Susan's Personal Shopper/Thanks Suzanne!

Fellow Balls people: Remember when I asked (and only Suzanne kindly abliged) if anyone was going to Trader Joe's and Harris Teeter before we met for lunch? Thanks Suzanne! Remember Susan was complaining she wanted her own personal shopper! Well, here it is!!!!

Susan needed fabric for eye bags for her teen yoga class. I took pictures of scrap fabric laying around my house and she kindly selected out the ones she wanted and the ones she did not like went back into my scrap basket. So dont forget we all have a personal shopper friend once in a while!

Lunch was fun!

her pick: pink with leaves, black with stars, multi with black moonish thingys

her pick: black, orange, reddish, yellow with bees

Susan: you know I love you! or I wouldnt be teasing you this way!


Susan said...

Thank you Ellen! I don't feel quite so neglected now that you are sending me material and Jane can continue making biscuits and cookies for Deb, Suzanne can continue going to Trader Joes for you.... Shop on!!

Suzanne said...

I'm feel so important reading so much about being a personnal shoper! I'm glad everyone is getting some attention one way or another.