Tuesday, January 1, 2008

felted boxes I am addicted to

Here is a picture of a couple of the felted boxes from the M-S book. It does say in the instructions that they are addicting, and I have to agree. I think I prefer all one color, though, but had to use what yarn I had here. These two are the smallest size and the medium size. I am in the process of finishing the second of a set of three I am doing for a friend's birthday. Quick and easy, but they take a lot of yarn! Love, Susan

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Ellen said...

Susan-they came out beautiful. I do have to agree with you that I like them better the same color. I am working on a box also. I am kind of feeling like I have knitted bag after bag after bag, and yet I still havent found one I like for myself except for Alvina's. I think I will just go and get the same yarn and make myself the same bag.