Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brunch with the BABES....finally...

When the BABES first got together, we met once a month at each other's houses. We would have a meal, knit and kibitz. Good times....but we all got busy in our own things called life and it was becoming harder and harder for us to get together. We have hung in there through thick and thin because we had a very strong friendship as a group and singly. We have known each other in various ways for over 12 years. All of us were/are involved in Montessori as teachers, parents and assistants. Two are still teaching Montessori, one a nurse and I moved on to teaching college students about children. That was the beginning of our commonalities. Time passed, life gets in the way but we have stayed as a group and for this I am very thankful, especially since I moved 1 1/2 hours from everyone. We have helped, supported and cried together with all of life's challenges. Thank you BABES!!! You have been my strength in more then one way.

So finally we got together for brunch and a bit of knitting. It is always special to me. We shared our stories, our trials and tribulations and it was wonderful.

We are going to try to get together every other month where one of us plans a new craft of the day, then rotate houses.

Near Jane's house was a house decorated with BALLS. I think we need to make it our BABES house. What do you think?

Here is us at breakfast and with things we made/shared with each other.

Debbie: Jane's sister, the "babe in training"

Things made by the BABES

Bread cloths

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