Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weekend knitting

Is anyone else feeling out of sorts this week? I think I enjoyed the lazyness of the snow days so much that I really am having a hard time getting my act together at work these past couple of days. I went to take a lady's blood pressure today, and stood there with the cuff pumped up knowing that I was forgetting to do something, and of course, yes, this process works so much better when one puts the stethoscope in one's ears!!

The good news is I have tomorrow off, which I had planned way before the storm. Morgan and Zach have short days because it is mid-terms. Morgan is swimming this weekend in Rock Hill. So, I will do the school thing in the morning, then am going to make sure I have enough knitting for a very long swim meet weekend- maybe some socks, Ellen!!

Did we decide on our next meeting? I miss you all and hope everyone has a great weekend!

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