Sunday, January 23, 2011

I am not the sentimental kind yet this week has been interesting.

I would not classify myself as a sentimental person. This week might prove me wrong. I have saved a few things here and there from each of my children's childhood they was meaningful to me. I saved some of Eric's sewing projects when he was a 4 year old Montessori child. I save a few cards Melanie made also in Montessori. I saved yoyo's and recorders that annoyed the heck out of me when Eric was playing with them. I saved this one Brio bell that was originally Eric's but Melanie also played with it. I saved some undershirts when Eric was an infant and Melanie also wore them. I also found a few items that I am just not sure why I saved them. Each item has a story to tell. This is what I found today:

This vest has a story:
When Eric was younger and the first Olympics came on, was when Kristi Yamagushi was skating for the Gold. After watching the Olympics, he decided he wanted to take ice skating lessons. He took lessons for over 2 years and went from figure skating to ice dancing. He skated alone or with partners. I remember all the girls mom's trying to get me to let Eric skate with their daughter's because boys who figure skated were a hot commodity. Well, Eric skated and competed also. Each time he would have to pick a new song, and his teacher would choreograph a dance to his song. He also had costumes with each competition. This vest is from one of the competitions. The story doesn't end here!

When Melanie was 3 years old, she started to go to Montessori also. She was capable of dressing herself that I would just let her wear what she wanted. She wore this vest to school one day and found all of his other vests and wore them also. By the time she was 4, other girls wanted vests. Their mom's asked where I got them and I said they were hand me downs. Within a few weeks, all the girls were wearing vests like Melanie's. What a trend setter she was back then too!!!

I have great kids, while it wasnt always easy(being a single mom and such) They make me very proud!

I guess one reason is that this is a milestone year for both of them. Melanie graduates from Wake Forest in May, Eric got engage in January, he is in Grad School in Japan, and Melanie is still waiting to hear from a few more Grad Schools before she decides where she is going! Go KIDS! You make me proud!

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