Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Knitting at Starbucks

Today, I met Marie at Starbucks coffee (I am definitely not a Starbucks coffee kind of girl, it just doesn't taste good to me!) to catch up and knit. Pat was supposed to come but couldn't. I have known Marie for 21 years. My daughter was just born and I needed help getting my son to school and back. That's how Marie came into my life. Even though I moved away 5 years ago, we still keep in touch regularly.

Pat is one of Marie's nursing friends. They met in nursing school well before I came in on the picture. We showed Pat how to knit a few months ago, she went back home, took classes and now she is the professional and we learn from her.

These pictures are some of Marie's work. She is making her daughter an afghan and also making a baby blanket. I love them both! The pictures don't do the afghan justice, it is so gorgeous in person.

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Susan said...

I love the colors in that afghan- can you get the recipe?