Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow in NC

Our snow in Charlotte. Still no school/work today. Some of you have been very busy on the blog and at home! Great work, great pictures.
What's left of the pond. I hope we still have 3 fishes


Ellen said...

I love the hat!!!! I am not so into fuzzy stuff but I do love it on the purple. Sold! I also love your pictures of the snow. The fountain is cool.

Susan said...

Some of us went to work today- well, I think ONE of us did. I felt very discombobulated- I think that is a word. Re-scheduling appointments and waiting to hear about the kids's schedules for tomorrow- 2 hour delay-Nice work Suzanne! I am not into the fuzzy stuff, but it is a very cute hat! I am up to 17 chemo caps- would like to make it to 20 and then deliver! (hint, hint...)