Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gifts from Japan

I always love getting gifts from Japan. There are always surprises in the package and everything is always welcomed. There was fabric, drawstring bag cord, pens, markers,and socks galore. I love the fabric, ran out of drawstring bag cord, and am in desperate need of new socks. Inside the package was also a package for Melanie. I called her to tell her about it and had to leave a message. Since I haven't heard back from her, I am DYING to open it. I won't but I will post my pictures and hope she sees the post and let's me open hers. Thank you Monica and Eric! I love you guys! Can't wait for your visit.

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Eric said...

Hey mommy!

Glad it arrived! Let me tell you about the pens and the markers! They are all erasable. If you write with them and then use the rubbery side of the pen on the ink it will erase. They work by heat so if it gets to 60 degree Celsius the ink will disappear, so it isn't the best thing to use on official papers or anything.

But 60 degrees C is 140 degrees F so unless where your store the paper goes over 140 degrees you should be ok!

Give it a try. It is surprisingly easy to reach 140 degrees to erase the ink by rubbing the erase head on the paper. Enjoy! Merry Late Christmas!