Tuesday, January 11, 2011

UFO Challenge update and changes

I realized a few weeks back that I should have only posted 12 items on my UFO list. (Dont laugh!) So I decided it is tim to revise my list.

Here is my list in random order:
1. Friendship Quilt (only cut)
2. Mel's graduation quilt (15 more squares to go)
3. Applique quilt (half done, need help with it)
4. #1 antique quilt top (needs fixing and backing)
5. Pink rag quilt (needs sewing)
6. Brown fleece quilt (almost done, hand stitching) completed 1/9/11)
7. 4" square quilt (cut only, needs lots of sewing, back)
8. Knit yoga bag (almost done)
9. Japanese fabric quilt (only partly cut)
10. Reversible quilt ( 10 more squares needed, I think)
11. #2 Antique Quilt top (needs mending and backing)
12. Brown/Purple Quilt (cut needs sewing)

One down! Even though it was one of the easy ones to complete, it still feels really good to have it finished. Chuck likes it.

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