Monday, January 10, 2011

Once Upon a Snowy Morning

Today, we do not have classes because of yet another snow. I must say, being from New York and living in North Carolina (now the foothills), I don't really mind the snow. I don't drive in it much in the South because there just isn't as much emphasis placed on clearing the roads and I have slowed down some in my lifestyle that I don't necessarily need to be on the roads.

I take each and every snow day as a bonus day home. Time to relax, enjoy and be thankful. I find snow days home alone very peaceful. I am not sure why I don't feel this way for every Saturday or Sunday that I stay home. I do a good amount of running around, for work and pleasure but I relish snow days even more.

This morning, I took the opportunity to make a Baked Apple in a pottery dish that someone gave me a few years back. I never used it but I do like baked apples.

It was just an ok apple. I am not sure if it was because it was a Delicious apple and not some sort of baking apple. Or maybe I don't know how to cook a Baked Apple.

It is snowing and school/classes are canceled, yet it isn't snowing a lot at my house. I know other parts of the county get more snow then I do but I am still disappointed in the snowfall amount. My philosophy: if it's gonna snow, make it significant.

Wait for it, wait for it......

Did you see it?

The rest of my Baked Apple got thrown to the squirrels. Enjoy!

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